Laura Sophia Becker

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Personal details

Sex Female
Age range 22 - 33
Build Slender
Height 167
Hair Blonde
Eye colour Brown/green
Vocal pitch, dubbing voice



2014 - 2016 master
Drama Centre London (Great Britain)
2009 - 2012
Schauspielschule Charlottenburg (Germany)



Languages German (mother tongue)
English (mother tongue)
English – American (fluent)
English – British (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
French (good)
Italian (basic)
Dialects Swiss German (native dialect)
Sports Swimming (very good)
Yoga (very good)
Acrobatics (good)
Stage fighting (good)
Fencing (good)
Martial arts (good)
Snowboarding (good)
Aikido (basic)
Billiards (basic)
Boxing (basic)
Judo (basic)
Kick boxing (basic)
Kung fu (basic)
Horseback riding (basic)
Sword fighting (basic)
Tai-Chi (basic)
Scuba Diving (basic)
Dance Latin American dance (very good)
Modern dance (very good)
Salsa (very good)
Dance theatre (very good)
Ballet (good)
Choreography (good)
Ballroom (good)
Dance improvisation (good)
Musical instruments Piano (good)


2018 Monica-Bleibtreu Preis
2016 New York International Film Festival
2015 Pune International Film Festival
2015 Achtung Berlin New Film Award
2015 Remi Award Houston International Film Festival




2020 Lisa
Lisa Lead
Director: Yusuf Kenan Gül
2020 Paper Planes
Frau Schneider Supporting actor
Director: Jonas Singer
2020 Ab nach Hause
Martina Supporting actor
Director: Victor Kunze
2019 ICarus
Supporting actor
Director: Caroline Wloka
2019 Civil Twilight
Elsie Supporting actor
Director: Darren Man
2019 Nuit Fatale
Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Muriel Meggendorfer
2018 Tag der Einheit

Director: Daniel Zimmermann
2018 Look Baba, I'm happy

Director: Nish Gera
2018 Zoe
Isa Supporting Lead
Director: Johannes Thüring
2018 Mohnblumenrot

Director: Sophie de Frenne
2017 Wolf Nr.3
Supporting Lead
Director: Max Fisher
2014 - 2015 Buschow
Sie Lead
Director: Rosa Friedrich
2015 Hoxton House
Supporting Lead
Director: Anna Jurkowiecka
2015 Venus in Fur
Supporting Lead
Director: Carol Wiseman


2019 - 2020 Harter Brocken 5
Supporting actor
Director: Anno Saul
2019 In two minds
Sarah Loos Supporting Lead
Director: Fabian Schwab
2019 Flatmates
Member of ensemble
Director: Federico Peduzzi


2020 Zora
Zora Supporting Lead
Director: Raphael Vuilleumier/ Laura Sophia Becker
2020 Im Bett
Daniela Supporting Lead
Director: Lisa Violetta Gass
2019 As It Is
Supporting Lead
Director: Kyle Greenwood
2019 - 2020 The Play that goes wrong

Director: Matthias Nagatis
2018 - 2019 Galileo_VR
Supporting Lead
Director: Samuel Schwarz
2018 What Silence Has To Say
Member of ensemble
Director: Onimar Ame
2018 Im Bett
Director: Jacob Jensen
2017 Die Endemiten
Ongoing role
Director: Samuel Schwarz
2017 Demons
Supporting Lead
Director: Peter Sturm
2016 Ken
Maya Supporting actor
Director: Terry Johnson
2016 Die Mitschuldigen
Supporting Lead
Director: Maurici Farré
2016 Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor
Supporting Lead
Director: Darijan Mihailovic
2015 Liberation
Supporting Lead
Director: Luke Clarke
2015 Belgrader Trilogie
Supporting Lead
Director: Dalibur Bajunovic
2012 Carmen
Member of ensemble
Director: Sasha Waltz


2018 Swiss Travel System
Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Ladina Wunderli
2018 Digitales Studieren Bayern
Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Jonas Koeck
2016 Being Swiss
Member of ensemble
Director: Georige Banks Davis
2015 Ypsomed

Director: Daniel Rutishauser
2013 1818
Member of ensemble
Director: Eric Davie


2019 Cosplay

Director: Samuel Schwarz
2019 Missbrauchte Liebesbriefe

Director: Samuel Schwarz
2019 Kleider machen Leute
Ongoing Leading Part
Director: Samuel Schwarz


2019 - 2020 Seldwyla

Director: Samuel Schwarz
2017 Heilig
Supporting Lead
Director: Maximilian Schmidt




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